Moya Krayina

Ukrainian Constructor that provides high quality homes and offices of A class.


Main objective and tasks of project

Main objective for Raccoon Depot Web Agency was to create and support new website which would promote their brand and would become a place of first communication between managers and customers

  • create a design inspired by Ukrainian culture
  • display the progress of the construction
  • build a platform of communication between the company and buyer
  • make the choice of the apartment simple and understandable for the client
  • visualize the flats and layout of each apartment
  • facilitate the process of communication, increase sales and reduce time of negotiate with the customer.


that shows the longitude between tradition and modernity: Petrykivka painting

Petrykivka painting

Petrykivka painting has been the highlight of the company from the very beginning. It shows natural motives and such scenery is often used by Ukrainians to decorate their homes.  The ambition was to preserve the past but also bring modernity that would highlight one of the standards of the company. And the following solution was created: monochrome colour palette with petrykivka ornaments. 


that meets the client's needs

All information about apartments in one place: TYPO3 CMS and CRM integrations

The  Moya Krayina website allows potential customers to easily find all the information needed for them regarding construction they want to buy. It helps to answer the most essential questions about the company itself and each building individually.

The site reflects up-to-date information

The website synchronizes with the company's CRM system and shows the progress of the constructions, sold, reserved and free apartments. That allows monitor the state of affairs in real time and saves the managers time.


that serves to update and enrich website with new modules

Easy to add new projects

The site is designed as a flexible tool, so it can be used for displaying new projects, buildings, floors and apartments in any time.


We're making our clients happy. But also we could make your clients happy ;)

  • For customers

    The site simplifies the work of managers as much as possible, saves customers time, creates a positive impression of the brand.

  • For industry

    It is a great solution and a handy tool for the construction industry.