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Efficient Digital Solutions for Your Business

We create high quality cost-effective websites and mobile apps that scale your online appearance and target the right clients. Only the best technologies and the best team for unique cases and unique solutions.

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websites and mobile apps

Web development, Mobile apps

Raccoon Depot selects the optimum technology for the implementation of each project.

Our websites are built on TYPO3 and Winter/October CMSs that give a lot of flexibility in development, content management and scaling the projects.

As well, we develop natively compiled applications for mobile using React Native and Flutter that reduces time of development and speeds up your presence in Google Play and App Store.

  • laravel
  • October CMS
  • flutter
  • react native
  • php
  • Vue.js
  • mongodb
  • mysql
  • typo3

Our Works

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  • Culture
  • Kovcheh UA — cultural platform

Kovcheh UA – Сultural Platform

The online resource is designed to become a virtual treasury of the nation.

There are digitized masterpieces of traditional art, music, books, media blogs and announcements of the latest cultural events in Ukraine.

Raccoon Depot team has developed a unique website design that resonates with the ideology of the platform.
The one can also download digitized books and images in a large extension while view their optimized versions first.

  • Ritual Services
  • ITER - Website and Mobile App for Online Memorial

ITER – Website and Mobile App for Online Memorial

ITER `Road of Memory` is a mobile application developed on React Native with a promo site on October CMS.

Application functionality:
- an individual card for each deceased person (the ability to add photos, map marker, comment)
- route to the burial site via Google Maps
- the ability to share access to the cards with other users of the program
- notifications on the day of birth and death of person
- unique QR code generation and scanning    Google Play    App Store

  • Real Estate
  • Moya Krayina - website creation and business integration

Moya Krayina – website creation and business integration

Moya Krayina – Ukrainian Constructor that provides high quality homes and offices of A class.

The website is built on TYPO3 CMS and synchronizes with the company's CRM system. 

It shows the progress of the constructions, sold, reserved and free apartments. The site is designed as a flexible multilingual tool, so it can be used for displaying new projects, buildings, floors and apartments at any time.

We make the choice of the apartment simple and understandable for the client.

  • IT Support
  • Skånebeslag. TYPO3 CMS Support with Multiple Installations

Skånebeslag. TYPO3 CMS Support with Multiple Installations

Skånebeslag AB is B2B company that offers sustainable interior design solutions for companies. They have everything in fittings and manufacture products for lifelong durability.

The website is built on TYPO3 CMS with advanced functions of product manager and search. It has two installations for Skånebeslag itself and manufacture Skånebeslag Snickery.

We are supporting the company for more than a year now, which has improved website performance and eliminated some present dysfunctions.

  • Health Care
  • Med-Ez - Digital Marketplace for Medical Tourism Platform

Med-Ez – Digital Marketplace for Medical Tourism Platform

Built on October CMS website with lists and rating of treatments, clinics and doctors.
The rating is calculated on the backend, based on users’ reviews.

Search console proposes the “popular search results” which could be settled in the admin area.
There is also a modern gallery implemented with before/after effects.

  • learning the Crimean Tatar language
  •  multilingual platform built on Winter CMS with advanced search tools

Multimedia social platform for learning the Crimean Tatar language – Bülbül

The main mission of the project is to save and protect endangered Crimean Tatar language.

The platform presents cartoons, songs, fairy tales, a short dictionary and other materials that allow children to learn Crimean Tatar from an early age.

The multilingual platform is built on Winter CMS with advanced search tools, svg-animations and YouTube integration.

  • Culture
  • Ritual Services
  • Real Estate
  • IT Support
  • Health Care
  • Education

How We Operate

Raccoon Depot team offers the services in four main domains:
consulting, design, development and marketing.

So, your company can choose one depending on the stage of life process of your own product. 


Consulting and R&D

We help to transform your ideas into products, investigate the business area and make the feasibility of your concept. We adopt best practices according to your needs and needs of your client


We pay a lot of attention to the visual side and user experience of the product. Design always has to highlight the value of the content or be the value itself


We choose the technologies according to your business needs. It doesn't only depend on if your product is small or big but how you want to scale it in the future

Marketing & Support

We do not only support our own works but we help those who feel that they are left on their own with their websites or apps. We provide communication support, SEO & digital advertisement

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About Raccoon Depot

We are a friendly team of experienced developers and marketers gathered under the company name Raccoon Depot.

Our goal is to create amazingly cool and high-quality products. 

We develop websites, online stores and mobile applications. We offer a wide range of services from turnkey projects to NDA development.



Our Clients

Fredric Claesson, CEO Gaston Components AB

Fredric Claesson,

CEO Gaston Components AB

After initial contact with Raccoon Depot and its project manager, I was completely assured they were the right partner for us. The feeling was there directly and there was no hesitation on our side to go with Raccoon. можна ще ось це Everything went according to plan and my expectations was exceeded. They were very service minded, cared and listened to what I wanted, and made sure they understood me correctly.

Yaryna Vynnytska, Initiator and Creative Producer of the Kovcheh UA

Yaryna Vynnytska,

Initiator and Creative Producer of the Kovcheh UA

Special thanks to the CEO of the company Oksana Leskiv for the phenomenal management of the project in extremely difficult, chronically force majeure circumstances. I am profoundly happy with what we did together! I have to admit: this site for me was like building one more house of my dreams.

Pablo Magana, CEO på Laps AB

Pablo Magana,

CEO på Laps AB

Raccoon Depot became a reliable development partner for me a year ago when I started my own practice. I am looking forward to more mutual projects and to bringing even more value for our clients.

Klas Hansson-Gladh

Klas Hansson-Gladh,

VD / Försäljning CoreRely

Raccoon Depot continually impressed with their deep technical expertise and seamless, efficient workflow. Their dedication made them a trustworthy partner.

Iryna Havryliuk, Product Manager Med-Ez

Iryna Havryliuk,

Product Manager Med-Ez

The website was completed on time with no bugs or inconsistencies. Raccoon Depot exceeded the client's expectations. The responsive team has impressive communication skills and is always ready to clarify any queries. Most of all, their quality of work is unparalleled.

Alisher Khamidov, Co-Founder ITER

Alisher Khamidov,

Co-Founder ITER

The project was hard but everything was done in time. The speed of their work was impressive. They are hard-working professionals who are ready to finish projects promptly and accurately. We are continuing our cooperation and growing our product together with Raccoon Depot.

Anna Rymar, СEO DaKiRy

Anna Rymar,


Our new website boosted staff efficiency, attracted outstanding talent, and promoted the conference to a large number of new attendees. By delivering on time and making expert recommendations, Raccoon Depot became a trusted long-term partner.

Yurii Holuzynets, Co-Founder Riddletag

Yurii Holuzynets,

Co-Founder Riddletag

Delivered on time, the website was used to augment a presentation at a conference. Raccoon Depot proved to be full of optimization suggestions, which they delivered with stellar communication. Their organized project management allowed all stakeholders to stay apprised of progress.

  • Gaston Components AB
  • Kovcheh UA
  • Laps AB
  • CoreRely
  • Med-Ez
  • ITER
  • DaKiRy
  • Riddletag
  • Claesson
Raccoon Depot
Address:Oleksandra Fredra Street, 6 79000 Lviv, Ukraine