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About Company

Raccoon Depot team is happy to welcome you to our website.

We offer a wide range of services from turnkey projects to NDA development. As dedicated developer or team we have joint plenty projects, and are always ready to develop our network of partners

We have implemented more than 60 projects in 9+ countries around the world for the last 4 years. All of our members have 5+ years of experience in the IT sphere as developers, managers and market specialists. 

Raccoon Depot is team of people who enjoy their work, hobbies and life. We are inspired by what we do and appreciate to work with the same inspired professionals, to share experiences and create wonderful things together.

About Company Raccoon Depot

Our quality and achievements:

Raccoon Depot team consists of 10 core specialists and 15+ specialists on project basis: frontend and backend developers, certified TYPO3 developers, testers, designers, marketing specialist, business analyst, project managers, SEO and PPC specialists, etc. Who have a huge experience and the best education to realize each project. 

Only the best team members to provide the most high-quality solutions! 

We have created more than 60 projects for retail, health care, culture, real estate, education, finance, manufacturing enterprise and services.

Our hobbies and lifestyle:

Our hobbies and lifestyle:

Some of our hobbies are partially relevant to our work – like radio engineering and modeling, 3D programming and printing, and video games. 

On top of that, we enjoy sports (climbing, hiking, cycling and athletics) and we really love tasty food.

We enjoy spending time together. Not only during daily work but also during team building and leisure. We watch films together, enjoy nature and tasty food, visit the events and other pleasant things.

We believe that we are what we do, and we are what we love.

Raccoon Depot is a company which will understand you as a client and your company needs, so that your product or project speaks to all the parties involved.

If our lifestyle and professionalism appeal to you, drop us a message and let's schedule an online or offline meeting!

Raccoon Depot
Address:Oleksandra Fredra Street, 6 79000 Lviv, Ukraine