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IT Consulting, Research and Development (R&D)

Information technologies industry is the largest and fastest growing area nowadays. So, it can be very difficult to choose the right stuff for your business among diverse new technologies, frameworks and software development kits.

That’s why IT Consulting is an important part in achieving your business objectives and budget expenses reduction.

Raccoon Depot team offers consulting and research in the following sections:

  • Transformation of an idea into project planning and target audience definition

  • Selecting optimal technologies for your business within your budget limits

  • Project management and technical description support

  • Business process improvement and concept testing

IT Consulting, Research and Development (R&D)

Transformation of an idea into project planning and target audience definition

When you have an idea, how likely is it that your clients are going to pay for it, is there market demand? Who is your target audience? How will they interact with your web site or application?

Raccoon Depot team can help you answer these questions and transform your idea into a clear action plan. Together we define your target audience and find out the way your potential customer makes decisions.

We will build the project plan based on research and experience. So, you can have answers with steps to be taken to achieve the objectives of your idea, actions to be taken to respond, or just if the project is worth your attention at all.

Optimal technologies chosen for your business within budget limits

You already know your target audience and have the project plan, but you don’t know which technology should be chosen and how much it costs? We will help you with that.

The best way to choose the optimal technologies for business or project is to answer the following questions:

  • How many products or services have to be presented and described?

  • What device is mainly used by your potential clients? (e.g. for a mobile phone it is advisable to create the mobile application instead of a website)

  • How many customers do you expect to have on your website or application in a day/month?

  • How big is your business and what budget can you allocate for the web-project? (some technologies can be more expensive or cheaper)

Project management and technical description support

When we have defined the budget for the project, chosen technologies to be used and the target audience, it could be created the technical description for designers, content managers, developers and advertising managers.

The technical description should be clear and accessible for every specialist who will be involved in the project. That’s why Raccoon Depot team offers the project management support service as part of IT Consulting.

Project management service includes a full cycle – from definition and launch to performance and post-project support. In fact, we offer maintenance and support for the entire flow of the web project in order to “translate” simple words into technical definitions.

Business process improvement and concept testing

It often happens that in order to implement a new project, it is essential to change and improve the existing processes at the company. To avoid unnecessary changes we recommend running a concept testing.

It is an important part of project initiation and planning. We will create a prototype of your new website or mobile application and you will have an opportunity to easily make a decision if this is exactly what you need or if your web product requires any changes, either on the company or project in general.  

This practice will save your time, money and will reassure that you get what you really need.

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