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Design – it’s not about pictures, it’s about emotions

Your product or service has its own texture, smell and shape, but the most important for the clients are emotions and associations. Same deal with your web style and designs.

Before your potential customers start to read the text, they will evaluate your design. Your label, colors which you use, pictures and lines will tell the story about the company or project before any words. Our goal is to create the right associations and emotions, make the company style easy to remember and convenient for re-finding.

Raccoon Depot team offers services in two areas of design:

  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
Design – it’s not about pictures, it’s about emotions

Web Design

Web Design is a very specific area of design. It considers the trends of User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX). Designs should be adaptive for all possible devices (laptops, mobile phones, tablets).

To reach a desirable effect we offer the full functioning product prototype before developing, which helps to better understand the final result and optimize the time and the budget of a project.

If you need a Website, Mobile Application or Progressive Web Application (PWA) – first of all there is a need for a quality designed prototype, and we will create it for you.

Graphic Design

Graphic design forms visual representations of ideas and messages. It applies to creating Brand style, Illustrations or Creative Ads.

Raccoon Depot team will create original graphic design for your company or project. It will reflect style and character in the shapes and colors and meet modern trends in combination.

We offer logo creation, special symbols, images and illustrations creation which could be used for web-content, social media content, printed advertising, etc.

The best design – the successful brand

To create a strong Brand, it is important to use the same style for the Logo, Illustrations, Website or Application, Advertising and fill it with positive emotions. 

Raccoon Depot team is open to create or renovate your company style and boost your company productivity.

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