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Successful web development should be based on high quality, strong management and achievable goals. Clearly defined tasks and regular testing of each stage of development is our key to success.

The process of developing includes communication, testing, support with content adding and integration of SEO tools into the background panel. We prepare the product and make it optimized for search engines, so you can start engaging organic traffic as soon as the product is finished.

We are open to outsourcing under NDAs proposals on development, as well as end-to-end project creation.

TYPO3 October CMS React Native development

Web Development

From a simple landing page to a huge internet marketplace, Raccoon Depot team’s specialists can make it happen. We strive to satisfy your needs, so together reaching the company goals will become much easier.

As usual, we use Winter/October CMS and TYPO3 CMS, but if they don't cover the needs of the project, other CMSs, frameworks or technologies can be used. (Magento, Laravel, MongoDB, MySQL, PHP, CSS, Vue.js, est.)

Our specialists will choose an appropriate technology for your project to find the best combination of tools, price, trends and compliance objectives.

Mobile development

Based on statistics of Pew Research Center, more than 59% of people in the world use smartphones nowadays. It means that your mobile application could potentially reach almost 4,3 billions people if there is a necessity!

It is a huge modern market in the cloud and we have experience how to reach these people on their mobile phones.

We use React Native (open-source mobile application framework created by Facebook, Inc) or Flutter (open-source UI software development kit created by Google) as a base for mobile applications, which gives us a great area for creating a user-friendly admin panel and fascinating user space.

Progressive Web Application (PWA) Development

Progressive Web Application might be the most modern web tool, which is a type of application software delivered through the web and built using common web technologies.

It is intended to work on any platform which uses a standards-compliant browser, including both desktop and mobile devices. Examples of PWA are Facebook or Twitter – designed to work on any browser that is compliant with the appropriate web standards.

Raccoon Depot team offers most applicable technologies to keep up with the times and trends.

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